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3 Reasons You Should Buy An Existing Business Over a Start-Up

Millions of Americans are fed up with their corporate jobs and are looking for career alternatives.  A quickly growing trend is switching careers by diving into the world of small to midsize businesses – and we don’t mean starting them!  Buying an existing business is a great alternative if you are ready for a change that is proven to be more successful than a start-up.  There are a number of reasons to consider purchasing an existing business rather than starting one.  Here’s a few:


  1. Sale Of Small Businesses Is Growing – People are beginning to buy small to midsize businesses rather than starting their own, and for a good reason. There is a huge area for growth in buying smaller businesses because baby boomers are ready to sell their business and retire, loans are easier to get than ever, and it is safer than a startup but with more freedom than a corporate job. With increasing sales for small businesses, this is the time to start looking.


  1. It Is Already Established – Starting your own business is a daunting venture. When you buy an existing business, you are inheriting all of benefits from previous ownership. This means you already have an established customer base, cash flow and profits are already in motion, and there is already a set of procedures and policies in place.  If you buy a niche business, chances are there is not a lot of competition and the business has potential to perform very well over time.


  1. There Is Room For Growth – Possibly one of the best reasons to buy a small business is that you are the boss that oversees all aspects of your business. You have the power to impact your employees, your customers and your bank account. Even though a business already has a reputation with customers, you have the potential to expand revenue, locations and clientele.



At AMD Business Brokers, we are a locally owned and independently operated company with specialized services to match buyers and sellers!  If you’re looking to make small to midsize business ownership a reality, let our professionals make recommendations based on your interests and resources.  AMD may have the exact business you are looking for – contact our team today at or call 585-247-4750.