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Business or Franchise?

Business or Franchise?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take charge of your own life?  To find a job that fits your interests?  To choose a career where you can do something that you love?  Depending on your needs, buying a business or a franchise may be a great option.  The question is, which is the right choice for you?


There are a number of benefits that come from buying a franchise.  Not only can you be your own boss and decide your own hours, but the versatility of choosing a franchise is outstanding.  There are numerous options to choose from including well-known restaurants, gyms and clothing stores.  Best of all, you will be provided with business information and financial advice along the way.  Your franchise partner wants you to succeed and will help you to implement a successful business plan.  If you follow the development of other franchises in the past, you are likely to succeed.  However, you are not an independent business and therefore do not have the same freedom.  You are responsible for following the rules and regulations of a corporate office.  If you prefer more freedom, buying an independent business may be a better option.


Choosing an independent business offers the flexibility and freedom a franchise cannot.  Unfortunately, without a franchiser backing you, it can be more difficult to finance this business venture.  With enough money saved up and a loan from the bank, there are plenty of ways to buy a business.  The process may take longer, but it is not impossible.  When you own an independent business, you are the boss.  You are in charge of creating a business plan, implementing it and continually developing your business.  All of this responsibility may seem daunting, but it can end up being a truly rewarding experience.


You’ll be surprised by the rewards and independence that can be gained from business ownership.  If you’re looking to buy a business or franchise, talk to the professionals at AMD Business Brokers by calling 585-247-4750.  We provide specialized services that match your needs with business opportunities.  AMD may have the exact business you are looking for – franchise or independent!