Businesses For Sale

Businesses For Sale

Picture yourself in any of these businesses as THE OWNER! 
Independent business ownership is exciting and rewarding.  You are your own boss; you establish your own working hours and have the opportunity to enjoy the many successes that come with the growth of your new business. Take the first step and phone AMD Business Brokers at (585) 247-4750 for an appointment to learn more details regarding these and the many other listings we have available.

Here’s what you can expect when you meet with us!

AMD will ask you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.  The sellers are always concerned with employees and customers and therefore request that we maintain absolute and complete confidentiality.  Because AMD Business Brokers represent the sellers, they honor their wishes by requiring all prospective buyers to sign a simple Confidentiality Agreement.  By signing the agreement, you agree to keep all information you receive completely private and use it solely for your own purposes in making a decision regarding purchase of the business.

Buyer protection is always guaranteed!
There are many safeguards in place that protect you when you buy a business through AMD Business Brokers.

  • The owner will prove the amount of sales for the preceding year or years.
  • You or your accountant will be able to examine all books and records.
  • Your attorney will be able to review all documents.
  • We will assist you in obtaining a commitment from the landlord for a lease or sublease.
  • The Seller will sign a Non-Compete Agreement.
  • The seller will provide any training you may need at no cost to you (usually up to thirty days).
  • If Beer or Liquor Licenses are required, you will receive help with the forms and process.

Feel secure, knowing that there is ample opportunity for you to examine and explore all aspects of the new business you will own prior to ownership.

Browse through the Current Listings and call for more details AMD is always adding new business listings!